Theory of Machines and Tribology Laboratory Apparatus- TOM 13

Universal Vibration Apparatus
Universal Vibration Apparatus
Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator
Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator

Journal Bearing Apparatus
Journal Bearing Apparatus

Epicyclic Gear Train & Holding Torque Apparatus
Epicyclic Gear Train & Holding
Torque Apparatus - 13130

Universal Vibration Apparatus - 13010

A comprehensive unit to perform the vibration experiments. Three different modules are provided upon which three batches can work simultaneously. Work of assembly & dismantling is reduced to much extent, which is its distinct advantage over conventional common frame type units.

Module I
1.Simple pendulum
2. Compound pendulum
3. radius of gyration of bi-filar suspension.
4. Tri-filar suspension.

Module II
1. undamped torsional vibrations of single rotor system.
2. Damped torsional vibrations of single rotor system.
3. Undamped torsional vibrations of double rotor system.

Module III
1. free vibrations of helical coiled spring.
2. free vibrations of spring mass system.
3. forced damped vibrations of a spring mass system.
4. Lateral vibrations of simply supported beam.
5. Verification of Dunkerleys rule.

Cam Analysis Apparatus - 13020

To study the cam profiles and performance of cam & follower system. A cam shaft supported by ball bearing upon which three different types of cam can be mounted. A push rod for follower is supported vertically. A variable speed motor rotates the cam. A dial gauge permits plotting of follower displacement with respect of cam position. Jump speed & effect of weight & spring force on jump speed can be studied.

Whirling of Shafts Demonstrator - 13030

A base upon which bearing holders and driving motors are coupled.Different bearing can be fitted in a bearing holder to provide different end conditions for test shafts. A variac controls speed of driving motor. The unit demonstrates the phenomenon of whirling of shaft with single rotor. No necessity of applying pretension to shaft. Thus giving a stress free shaft , where equations of deflection can be applied without doubt . Because of single rotor system good results comparable with theory. Demonstration of true running of shafts after passing the critical (whirling ) speed.

Static and Dynamic Balancing Demonstrator - 13040

A unit consists of a precision ground shaft rotating freely in ball bearings. Four slotted discs mounted over it. Known weights can attached in the slot of disc at required radial distance. Disc can adjusted at different position along the length of shaft and also disc can be fixed at any angular position over the shaft. Total flexibility for fixing the weight to the disc Thus a system with known unbalance can be balanced by four plane method, statically and dynamically.

Motorised Gyroscope - 13050

To study applied torque equals to gyroscopic couple, the unit consists of a heavy rotor mounted in bearings and driven by variable speed motor. By putting weights on weight platform, torque is applied to rotor. Rotor can move about three axes. Thus the relation, T= I.. w . w p can be studied.

Jounal Bearing Apparatus (With Pressure Gauge Arrangement) - 13060

Determination of boundary lubrication, load bearing capacity, pressure distribution, friction and Sommerfeld Number. A unit consists a motor driven journal shaft, mounted in supporting bearings over which test bearing floats. Oil supplied to bearing by gravity speed from oil tank. Motor provided with speed control. Pressure gauge connected to a tapping over the bearing. Tapping can be rotated to required angular position around the journal axis, pressure distribution around the bearing can be noted. A torque arm and weights provided enable to measure the friction torque. Due to rotating pressure gauge, high pressure can measured avoiding overflow and air bubble problem of conventional oil manometer type unit, an accurate determination of graph of coefficient of friction Vs Sommer feld number is possible , which is useful to decide to whether the bearing is bearing is operating in boundary lubrication or oil film lubrication. Vary small radial clearance of 0.1 mm enables to use the theory without doubt, because at large clearance, theory cannot be accurately applied.

Governor Apparatus - 13070

To calculate characteristics of each governor at different speed and compare their performance. viz sensitiveness, stability , governor efforts.Unit consists a main spindle driven by variable speed motor. Three different governor assemblies can be mounted over the spindle. A scale with pointer measures the lift of the governor.

Coriollis Components of Acceleration Apparatus - 13080

To determine coriollis component of acceleration, the unit uses hydraulic analogy to represent the rotating slider. It consists a rotating block to which attached are two pipes, diametrically opposite. Water flowing through pipe represents rotating slider. The rotating block is rotated by a variable speed motor. The torque given by motor is proportional to coriollis component of acceleration, which is measured by torque arm and spring balance. Water is circulated through the system by a small pump.

Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus - 13090

The unit consists a pad which can be fitted to required angle. Endless belt, which moves beneath the pad,carries the oil over its surface from oil bath, when pad tilted over the oil film, pressure is developed. The pad is provided with pressure tappings parallel and perpendicular to belt direction. Pressure distribution measured over a multitude manometer.belt is driven by variable speed motor, tilting angle and minimum gap between pad and belt can be adjusted and characteristics can be studied at various gaps,inclination and relative surface speed.TILTING PAD- circular, square & trapezoidal shapes one each.

Pin And Disc Wear Apparatus - 13100

To determine,wear & friction characteristics of pin over rotating disc. A steel disc driven by motor,pins of different materials are provided which are kept over the rotating disc .the wear of the pin is measured and also, frictional force on the pin is measured with lubricated as well as lubricated surface. DISC- steel disc, rotating about vertical axis, driven by 1 hp. 3 ph. Motor with three speed pully. PIN- 3 nos, Aluminium, Brass, C.I and Weight set.

Model Analysis of Beam - 13110

A beam supported between fixed clamps, vibration exciter provided below the beam sets the beam vibrating at required frequency, when frequency of exciter coincides fundamental frequency, larg amplitude vibrations are observed. This is the fundamental frequency, similarly nodes of vibrations, are observed at second node frequency. The nodes of vibrations thus can observed for different beams and node length can also be measured.

Influence of Inertia Upon The Velocity and Acceleration - 13120

To demonstrate the effects of inertia upon the velocity and acceleration, when weight are attached to flywheel, inertia of flywheel is changed the unit consists of a flywheel mounted in ball bearing. When torque is applied to it, it starts accelerating. If the inertia of flywheel is reduced by reducing by weight then For same torque, velocity and acceleration of lighter and flywheel will be greater.

Epicyclic Gear Train And Holding Torque Apparatus - 13130

The gear train consists of an internal gear, planet gears and sun gear. Train is driven by motor giving maximum input torque. Planet carrier carries the planet gears. Internal gears mounted over a flange which rotates the bearing, a pulley mounted over a output shaft of internal gear. Spring balance measures torque for both the internal gear and planet carrier. Either or them can be held stationery and holding torque required for stationery member and out put torque for the other member can be measured. A three channel digital rpm indicator at extra cost. For angular velocities digital torque indicator for motor output torque, at extra cost.

Ball Bearing Test Rig - 13140

To measure radial clearance of bearing and for load test, endurance test and friction test. A shaft driven by motor, which the bearing to be tested is fixed, load is applied to bearing through the lever arrangement. Special parallelogram loading attachment transmits the load to bearing under test and at the same time permits the measurement of friction torque. Torque is measured by dead weight and torque arm. Revolution counter measures a number of revolutions.