Refrigeration & A/C Laboratory Equipments - REF 11

Refrigeration Cycle Demonstrator - 11010

To calculate power consumption & theoretical & actual COP of the system. A hermetic compressor, air cooled condenser, capillary tube as expansion devices & evaporator, heater in evaporator simulates heat load. Measurement-condensing pressure, evaporating pressure, input to compressor heater.
General Cycle Refrigeration Trainer / Tutor - 11020

To calculate Actual COP, Theoretical COP, Carnot COP & heat transfer co-efficient in evaporator and also demonstrates use of controls in refrigeration cycle. A hermetically sealed compressor using R-12 refrigerant, air cooled condenser, evaporator with water as medium & Heater, Rotameter for flow measurement, thermostatic expansion valve with solenoid valve.

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Experimentation Benches - 11030

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer Air Conditioning Trainer - 11040

Air Conditioning Trainer (General Cycle Type) - 11051

To study basic principals of air conditioning, a ducting fitted with various air conditioning components, air flow by axial flow fan, heaters, cooling coil & steam humidifier connection provided cooling circuits consists of a hermetic compressor air cooled condenser, thermostatic expansion valve & evaporator, measurements of various parameters of cooling cycle & heating cycle, anemometer to measure air velocity.
Air Conditioning trainer (Simulation Type) - 11052

A duct fitted with cooling coil, heaters and steam humidifier, to simulate summe or winter conditions, simulating conditioning section using cooling coil, heaters and steam humidifier connection. Various measurements for cooling cycle, preheater & reheater. Axial flow fan to generate the air flow
Air conditioning Trainer (Recirculation Type) - 11053

To study principals of recirculation. A small room under test. Unit consists hermetic compressor, air cooled condenser, expansion valve, direct expansion cooling coil, preheater and reheater arrangement to recirculate the air partially or fully. Air by blower & controlled by butterfly valve.
Air Conditioning Trainer (Window Type) - 11054

Demonstration the application of window air conditioner & evaluation of its performance. A transparent front room is connected by a small air conditioner with a heater inside the room. Various measurements are provided to study performance of system i.e. COP of system actual & theoretical cooling capacity of system & power consumption of unit with different load conditions.
Industrial Air Conditioning Trainer - 11055

Centralised Air Conditioning Trainer Ice Plant Trainer - 11056

Ice Plant Trainer (12 Hours Cycle) - 11061

To study the cycle, calculate theoretical COP and compare the time formation for different ice can thickness. A hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor, air cooled condenser, evaporator with forced circulation of brine & fed by thermostatic expansion valve. Brine agitator to circulates brine over the evaporator.
Ice Plant Trainer (4 Hours Cycle) - 11062

To study the ice plant cycle within a short period a conventional ice plant take 12-24 hours to complete cycle, this ice plant is specially designed to demonstrate all the process of ice formation like bubbles flakes formation to be complete within on experimental period of 4 hours.

Domestic Refrigerator Trainer
Domestic Refrigerator
Trainer - 11090

Water Cooling Tower Apparatus
Water Cooling Tower
Apparatus - 11140

Mechanical Heat Pump Trainer
Mechanical Heat Pump Trainer - 11172

Vortex Tube Trainer - 11071

To determine cold friction cooling effect and the heat balance of the vortex tube. A unit consists of a vortex tube with Hot & Cold connection mounted on board, compressed air is admitted tangentially to vortex tube gets separated into Hot & Cold streams. By diaphragm cold air removed from center of vertex tube & hot air removed from other end.
Vortex Tube Demonstrator - 11072

To demonstrate the operation of vortex tube, vortex tube is unconventional means of producing refrigeration high pressure air supplied to vortex, cold air & hot air produced.

Water Cooler Trainer - 11080

To determine the theoretical & actual COP, power consumption, actual cooling capacity refrigeration flow and volumetric efficiency of compressor. A storage water tank embraced by evaporator coil of the cooling unit. Hermetically sealed compressor, air cooled condensers capillary tube as expansion devices & evaporator coil various measurements provided.
Domestic Refrigerator Trainer - 11090

To study the performance of refrigeration cycle of Domestic Refrigerator. Unit consists a hermetically sealed compressor air cooled condenser, capillary tube and natural convection type evaporator. Various measurements are provided power consumption, COP theoretical & actual refrigerating effects, refrigerant flow rate and effect of door opening on power consumption.
Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Trainer - 11100

Air Expansion Refrigeration Trainer - 11110

Cascade Refrigeration Trainer - 11120

Desert Cooler Apparatus - 11130

To study characteristics of a desert cooler at various air & water flow rates. Air flow by axial flow fan enclosed in a Box over the Khus curtains water sprayed by a pump & sprinkler arrangement.
Water Cooling Tower Apparatus - 11140

To study the operation of cooling tower and calculate the energy balance. A forced brought, counter flow type cooling tower. Evaporative cooling of water occurs due to the current of air & water gets cooled.
Refrigeration Control Display Board - 11150

Steam Jet Refrigeration Test Rig - 11160


Air & Water Heat Pump Trainer - 11171

To demonstrate the heat balance of the system, actual theoretical & Carnot COP, and heat transfer co-efficient On condenser & evaporator coil. A hermetically sealed compressor, evaporator is continuous water circulated out of two condensers, one is water cooled type coil, second is finned tube air cooled type.
Mechanical Heat Pump Trainer - 11172

A compact self contained unit, hermetically sealed compressor continuous water circulated by condenser & evaporator, flow of water & evaporator & liquid refrigerant measured by rotameters. Energy input to compressor measured, balance of heat added during the cycle & heat removed by condenser can checked actual & theoretical & carnot COP's of system can be determined & principle of energy conservation by heat pump and heat transfer co-efficient on coils of condenser & evaporator can also be studied.

Gas Charging Unit - 11180

Cold Storage Trainer - 11190