Production Engg Laboratory Equipments - PE 14

Lathe Tool Dynamometer - 14010

To measure cutting forces at different speed and different material. Two component of cutting forces in orthogonal cutting the axial & vertical components. The unit is with strain gauge bridge balance with power supply & digital indicator.

Lathe Tool Dynometer (2 Component) - 14011

Lathe Tool Dynometer (3 Component) - 14012

Drill Tool Dynamometer - 14020

To determine thrust and torque is essential in drilling job is mounted over a fixture, which is mounted over the arms. The strain gauges ate mounted over arms to sense the load. The unit can be easily mounted over a table of drill machine. Dynamometer is calibrated for load up to 500 Kg thrust & 10 Kpm torque.

Milling Tool Dynamometer - 14030

A unit consists unit & indicating unit. The machine vice on sensing unit which use strain gauge fixed over octagonal rings to sense the force in three direction viz. 2 components in horizontal directed one vertical.

Grinding Tool Dynamometer - 14040


Polygon Law of Forces Apparatus - 16010

Simple Jib Crane Apparatus - 16020

Simple Wheel and Axle Apparatus - 16030

Differential Wheel And Axle Apparatus - 16040

Single Purchase Crab Apparatus - 16050

Double Purchase Crab Apparatus - 16060

Screw Jack Apparatus - 16070

Worm and Worm Wheel Apparatus - 16080

Rope and Pulley Block Apparatus - 16090