Axial Flow Compressor Test Rig - 18030

Axial Flow Compressor Test Rig


Axial flow compressors are very important part of jet engines gas turbines and knowledge of them is essential for a thermodynamics student. The 'DYNAMIC' unit is a single stage axial flow compressor with guide vanes on upstream and downstream. The angle of guide vanes is also variable. ompressor blades are of standard aerofoil shape. The compressor is also driven by a variable speed motor hence, characteristics of compressor can be drawn with various variables. Though there is not much difference between axial flow fan and axial flow compressor, axial flow compressors are generally characterized by large hub - tip ratio, higher pressure rise, higher temperature rise and smaller pitch - chord ratio. Hence presence of both axial flow fan and axial flow compressor presents the students a good comparison between the two.