Aerodynamics Turbomachinery Laboratory Equipments
ADY - 18

Axial Flow Compressor Test Rig
Axial Flow Compressor Test Rig - 18030

Subsonic Wind Tunnel - 18010

To study of boundary layer around objects, pressure distribution around cylinder & aerofoil and measurement of lift & drag force over aerofoil. The wind tunnel is a ducting designed to produce controlled airflow conditions. It can be used for studies of air flow around objects.

Axial Flow Fan Test Rig - 18020

To evaluate a performance of a axial flow fan at various heads & speeds and its overall efficiency. Axial flow fan fitted in a duct. Fan blades are aluminum.

Axial Flow Compressor Test Rig - 18030

To study the performance at various discharge pressures & speeds. A single stage axial flow compressor fitted in a circular duct & driven variable speed motor. Guide vanes are provided at upstream of compressor.

Centrifugal Blower Test Rig - 18041

To study different speed and performance of blower. A blower casing fitted to a variable to a variable speed motor & three different types of impellers can be fitted over the shaft. Discharge is measured by venturimeter.
Dimmer to vary the speed. Impelles
1) Forward vanes
2) Radial Vanes
3) Backward vanes.

Centrifugal Blower Test Rig - 18043

To study performance of different impellers at various speed. A unit consists a spiral casing, which houses an impeller. Impeller is driven by variable speed DC motor. Radial, Forward, & Backward impellers provided. Digital speed indicator to measure the speed. Venturi for airflow, water manometer for discharge.

5 HP Thyrister Control - 18044

Cascade Test Tunnel - 18050