Structural Engineering Lab Equipments STR - 19

Deflection of Curved Beams Apparatus - 19040

Elastic & Continuous Beam Apparatus - 19010

A beam provided with various supports & loadings. Support bracket at the top. The beams rectangular in section. An upward load arrangement is achieved by using a chord & double pulley bracket. Application of known moment at any point on the beam is possible by moment application fixture.

Share Center Apparatus - 19020

To determine the vertical plane of share center for the particular section

Bending Moment & Shear Force Apparatus - 19030

A teak wood beam connected by hinge spring balance mounted at fixed distance to calculate the bending moment for any load position another attachments with adjustment screw is used to determine share force at the hinge section.

Deflection of Curved Beams Apparatus - 19040

The standard specimen of curved beam are
1 . Semi Circle
2 . Semi Circle Bracket
3 . Quadrant
4 . Single Davit (Straight)
5 . Single Davit (Curved)

Suspension Bridge Apparatus - 19050

To determine cable tension for various loading conditions.

Hinged Aarches Apparatus - 19060

To determine of cable tension, support reaction and influence line for support reaction.

Column Buckling Apparatus - 19070

Deflection of Pin Jointed Truss Apparatus - 19080