HYD - 12               Hydraulics Laboratory

1. I.R.TYPE With sump tank, measuring tank and suitable capacity recirculating pump.
2. CONVENTIONAL TYPE Without sump tank and pump.
Using Lab. water supply.
3. H.L.T.TYPE  Suitable for use with our common
Hydraulic laboratory tray.
  12011/12/13        Reynoulds Apparatus.
12021/22/23        Verification of Bernoullis Theorem apparatus.
12031/32/33        Flow Over Notches Apparatus.
12041/42/43        Flow Over Weir Apparatus.
12051/52/53        Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus.
12061/62/63        Flow Measurement by Venturimeter & Orificemeter.
12071/72/73        Losses in Pipe Fittings.
12081/82/83        Losses in Pipe Friction.
12091/92/93        Flow Through Submerged Orifices.
12101/02/03        Flow Through Helical Coil.
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  12111/12/13        Impact of Jet Apparatus.
12121/22/23        Study of Pressure Measurement Devices.
12131/32/33        Study of Free and Forced Vortex.
12141/42/43        Flow Visualisation Apparatus.
12151/52/53        Metacentric Height of Ship Model.
12161/62/63        Tilting Flume Apparatus.
12171/72/73        Heleshaw Apparatus.
12181/82/83        Water Hammer Apparatus.
12191/92/93        Study of Flow Measurement.Devices.
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  Hydraulic Machinery
                  Centrifugal Pump Test Rig. (Closed Circuit Type)
12201         Constant Speed Type
12202         AC Motor and Pulley Type
12203         DC Motor Variable Speed Type.
12210         Multistage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
12220         Centrifugal Pumps in Series and Parallel Test Rig(Closed Circuit Type) 
 Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.(Closed Circuit Type)          
12231         AC Motor and Cone Pulley type.
12232         DC Motor and Dimmer Control type.
12233         DC Motor and Thyristorised Control Type.
12234         Dc Motor (Swinging field) & Thyristorised Control Type.
12240         Gear Pump Test Rig. (Closed circuit Type)
Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig (Closed Circuit Type)
12251         1 KW Cap.(With 5HP recirculating pump)
12252         5 HP (3.75KW) Cap.(With 15 HP recirculating pump)
                  Kaplan Turbine Test Rig.(Closed Circuit)
12260         1 HP Capacity
12261         5 HP Capacity
                  Francis Turbine Test Rig (Closed Circuit)
12270         5 HP Capacity
12280         Hydraulic Ram
Axial Flow Pump Test Rig
12291         Constant Speed Type
12292         Variable Speed Type
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