It is well known fact that addition of insulation over a hot cylinder always  does not reduce the heat loss, because  heat loss increases up to critical radius. The 'DYNAMIC'  apparatus consists of four test cylinders having insulation of different thickness and a heater inside.  Inside and outside temperatures of insulation can be measured and by properly adjusting the inputs to the heaters, it can be shown that  heat loss ( i.e. input ) is maximum for the test piece whose insulation thickness was near critical radius.  Thus the equipment demonstrates a very important and interesting phenomenon.

( No !  Don't misplace this with Critical Heat Flux - a boiling heat transfer apparatus.  This is conduction heat transfer apparatus.)
The Mechanical vibrations, near about  10 to 12 experiments are to be conducted. The conventional system was to provide a common frame to conduct all the experiments.  The procedures was cumbersome and
time consuming to assemble and dismantle each experiment and possessed lot of inconvenience.  Also, vibrations of main frame itself was a nuisance.  To avoid this, we made the vibration apparatus in 
three different modules, one each for torsional vibrations, pendulum experiments and transverse vibrations.  This has nearly eliminated the procedure of assembly and dismantling of the experiments and secondly, at a time three batches simultaneously can conduct the experiments. Also, we are providing additional 12th experiment of Trifilar suspension. So with 'DYNAMIC's  Modular  Universal Vibration Apparatus, conducting vibration experiments has become very easy and quick.
Epicyclic gear trains are widely used in industries and automobiles.But their construction and operation is rarely seen by students.  'DYNAMIC' has developed the apparatus which can show the construction  and also
students can make the experiments with it.  The gears trains is driven by a motor.  The sun gear drives two planet gears which mesh with an internal gear. Either the internal gear or the planet gear carrier can be hold stationery and input torque, output torque and holding torque can be measured.  Thus the student can have complete insight of the epicyclic gear train with the apparatus.



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